The best joinery, by the best people

At Hostess, we design happiness. Because, at the end of the day, seeing happy people around us is what gives us satisfaction.

For us, it starts with our staff. We hire the best people, and we build them up to be
even better. We know we’re only as good as the people on our team, so we bring
out the best in each other.

We’ve been manufacturing custom kitchen joinery in the Waikato since 1922 and
under the Hostess name since 1965. We’ve got the passion and the know-how to
deliver what you need. We listen, and then we do. Over the years, Hostess has
become synonymous with producing innovative and superior quality kitchen and
custom designs – at an affordable price.

We don’t sit still for long. We’re a dynamic team, always learning and growing,
looking for new opportunities and adapting to trends and technologies. We know
we’re good — but we also know we can always be better. We’re always on the
look out to integrate the latest technology into our manufacture and design. If
there’s a new way to do things, you can bet we know about it.

Above all, we show respect for others. Our relationships with our team, clients and
suppliers are built on respect and trust. We’re constantly blown away by what
others can do, and the diverse skills and values each of us can bring to the party.

Our business is always changing, but our commitment to designing happiness
remains the same. So, join us on our mission, and together we can create and
design joinery we can all be proud of.

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