Solid Surface benchtops – what are they?

Choosing the right material for kitchen benchtops can be confusing. To make it easier, here’s a comparison of solid surface materials that are available in the New Zealand market, as well as details of the exciting new range of Laminex benchtops that have just been introduced.


granite benchtopsEach piece is unique as it is a natural stone product. This means it is very difficult to match later, so initial selection and on-going care to avoid damage are extremely important. Granite benchtops are available in a large and varied colour range. But quality can vary greatly so be careful if the price seems cheap.

Being a natural product it is porous, so granite benchtops rely on a layer of polish for protection from spills and general wear. With proper maintenance granite will retain its stunning looks for years.

You are limited to slab sizes which means joints are often necessary to form a larger top and/or corners. These joints are inevitably visible (generally the darker the material the more visible) and in some cases can spoil the aesthetics of the benchtop.



Stainless Steel:
stainless steel benchtopsDurable and very popular for use as commercial benchtops and in wet areas. Joins can be welded and polished. Limited finishes available and tends to be a more expensive option.









Engineered Stone:
engineered stoneA man-made product that comes in various qualities, thicknesses and colours. It is usually a composite of crushed stone and resins making it dense and hardwearing.

Like granite it relies on a surface polish for protection and is usually non-porous. You are limited to sheet sizes with the same joint considerations as with granite.







acrylic benchtop100% man-made and non-porous. We are now seeing an increased range being imported from various sources. Some of these lack any certification to confirm hygiene and suitability for food preparation. As with most products, if it seems cheap you should ask why.

almost invisible joints
– generally repairable if scratched
– great design flexibility as joints become a non-issue





Laminex Solid Surface Benchtops

laminex benchtopsThe new Laminex Solid Surface allows us to create inspirational interiors with an innovative twist. A highly durable, 100% acrylic product that can be thermoformed to any shape with seamless joins.

Its unique flexibility makes it the perfect choice for residential and commercial benchtops, reception desks, commercial counter tops or bars.

Available in a range of timeless and contemporary colours to suit any decor.

Hostess Kitchens are excited to be able to offer this fantastic product to our clients.