Modern kitchen designs that you’ll love

We’re almost done with the first half of 2014, so how is your kitchen keeping up with the times? If it’s still stuck somewhere in the 90s, you should start considering a renovation that incorporates some modern kitchen designs. Vintage is cool, but outdated isn’t.


For this year, here are some trends you can try out:

Sconce lighting

Overhead and under-cabinet lamps aren’t the only way to go when it comes to lighting for modern kitchen designs. If there’s enough upper vertical space, install sconces for an elegant effect. For maximum functionality, pick those with adjustable arms so you can direct the light as needed.


Warm metal fixtures

Look around your kitchen now. Do you notice a prevalence of steel, chrome, and brass? These cold metal fixtures have been used in most kitchens for decades now, so it’s time to change if yours to stand out. Try warm metals such as aged gold and brass, then adorn them with black hardware in graphite and iron.


Gray chic

In the past, when people thought of futuristic homes and modern kitchen designs, they think of all-white furniture. Although white is still a popular choice, gray is close to nabbing that top spot. Soft shades of gray paired with stained wood create a striking effect that white can’t pull off on its own.

Grey kitchen













Black and white

As mentioned, white remains a favorite, and even more so when paired with its perennial partner, black. This color combination is classic and timeless, but if you want a contemporary twist to it, pick sleek furniture and accessories with steel hardware to play up the stark contrast. Modern kitchen designs are focused on juxtaposition, after all.

black and white kitchen design ideas













Vibrant sinks

Most sinks are come in ceramic white or silver steel. Why not play around with colors? An aquamarine sink can break up the monotonous white or gray of the kitchen counter, for example. It also adds just the right amount of bright splash to liven up your kitchen without going overboard. Subtlety is the key to modern kitchen designs.


Bold fixtures

Go big or go home, that’s the motto in modern kitchen designs this year. Don’t be afraid to use bold light fixtures plus some dark fabric shades to create a statement in your kitchen. Because they’re hanging from the ceiling, they can take up a lot of space while staying in the background. They add just the right amount of dramatic touch.


Raw materials

Sustainability is a major concern, even in modern kitchen designs, so expect to see a surge in popularity in wood planks, barn boards, exposed beams, etc. These natural materials may look industrial, but they have authenticity that lends a rustic look, which in turns add character to your kitchen.


Form and function

You never have to choose between beauty and functionality anymore because modern kitchen designs are focused on both. Stylish cabinets, for example, can also come with automated sliding panels for easy opening and closing.
What other ideas can you suggest for modern kitchen designs? We’d love to hear from you.