The hottest kitchen trends for 2014

Are you looking to update your kitchen? The design of your kitchen takes a lot of thought. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and kitchen trends and styles vary. Since it is used daily and is the one area everyone tends to gather you want a design that fits your needs and your sense of style.

Kitchen trends, like all trends change. If you want an update, but are not sure of a style to go with, these six kitchen trends are some of the hottest for 2014. You, your family, and your friends all enjoy food and conversation in your kitchen, so why not get everyone talking about your new kitchen?


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Customised and orderly

Custom features are now hiding within those cabinets. Drawer pullouts and other storage inserts are making life in the kitchen easier with a little organisation. You can get all your pots and pans, dishes, silverware, and even canned goods stored to maintain an orderly kitchen. We all want form, function, and beauty all wrapped into one, and customised cabinets are making that possible.


Eco-friendly lighting

The lighting in your kitchen is just as important as the cabinets. Lighting that is helpful as well as eco-friendly is growing in kitchen trends. You will find that LED lights within cabinets, drawers, and at the base of cabinets will make your tasks easier. It also helps create the mood and tempo of a kitchen.


Creative connections between lifestyle and cooking

A Growing kitchen trend is the principle of connecting our kitchen and our lifestyle. Manufacturers and designers have realised the importance of how we can interact with our appliances, fixtures, and finishes as well as the way we prepare our food. Now every detail of our kitchen can be made to match our own lifestyles.


Mixing it all up

Another of the newer kitchen trends is a “mixing and matching” style and storage. The mixing of cabinets, shelving, drawers, and even furniture create an open, fresh feel to the kitchen. This also helps meet all your kitchen needs.

The mixing of cabinet style and colors is also making a statement in the kitchen. You can see traditional white cabinets being complimented by a wood finished island, for example. It brings dimension and warmth to a kitchen.


Hidden appliances

In today’s kitchen the appliances are more efficient, intelligent, and jam-packed with features. But kitchen trends for 2014 include a more streamlined and cohesive look. Manufacturers have made it easy for people to hide almost any of their appliances. You can now have your appliances covered with custom matching cabinet doors.


Old world meets new world

The growing kitchen trends are now reminding us of the historic details within our homes. Kitchen designs are starting to bring back old world finishes and blending them with more modern designs. The modern designs of granite or marble, for example, are getting a vintage makeover with beveled edges and other handcrafted details. Even the kitchen faucets can bring in an early age feel.

If you are struggling to find a kitchen design idea that you are happy with, or you are looking for the latest in kitchen trends, opt for the aid of a reputable kitchen design company such as Hostess. We are up-to-date on all the latest kitchen trends and are the kitchen design and installation experts servicing the Hamilton and Mt. Maunganui areas. Bring us your ideas and we can help you make your kitchen dreams a reality.


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