Residential kitchen renovations…. and more!

We are justifiably proud of the work we have done over many years helping clients to design their ‘dream kitchen’, create that stylish bathroom, and integrate their laundry cabinetry and fixtures. We also pride ourselves on adding those extra touches with sensible storage solutions for wardrobes, cupboards, and of course, the garage. Whether you’re building your new home or carrying out kitchen renovations, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Each Hostess Kitchen design is as individual as the client it is created for and the requirements they need to satisfy. We can create anything from the minimalist “I can’t afford much but I want it to look good” to the awe inspiring “I saw this in the latest Vogue and I think it would look great with these European fittings and that granite top”.

There are many innovative technologies that we can add to your kitchen to increase its user-friendliness as well as its longevity. For example, we offer soft-close drawer and door mechanisms which prevent them from slamming shut. Plus we only use mortise and tenon joints as a standard feature on all joinery, resulting in stronger and more rigid construction.


mortise and tenon joint illustration

We aim to keep abreast of all kitchen technologies as they are developed so that we can offer you the most innovative and exciting options. Advanced luxury options include Servo-Drive, a technology that allows you to open draws by simply touching them. Visit the Blum website here.

Kitchen renovations are a great way to modernise and add value to your home. To take the first step towards creating your own unique environment, you can contact us directly by phone, fax or email or simply drop into our showroom for a look around and a chat with one of our kitchen designers.



Why not enjoy the benefit of over forty years experience in kitchen renovation and design by allowing us to assist you to make your new dream kitchen a reality.

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