Using an experienced kitchen planner gets great results

1: Decide on a style

Talk to one of our kitchen planners about your ideal kitchen. You may already have seen what you want in a magazine or in another existing home. At Hostess, we’re a little different from a lot of other kitchen companies because we really do value your input in the design of your new kitchen. Our experienced designers and planners will be happy to discuss your vision and help to realise your dream.

boy with tape measure

2: Get measured up

Whether working off house plans or your own simple sketch, we can review them and give you expert advice on maximising your space, making the most of your new kitchen. Our designers and kitchen planners have great space saving ideas and can show you examples of the finishing touches. We are fully trained by our suppliers to ensure we advise you on choosing the most appropriate materials and fittings for your needs. We strive for that perfect balance between usability and aesthetics.

planning your new kitchen

3: Choose a plan

Having measured up and discussed your ideal kitchen with our designers, we will work with you and help you to create a final plan. We can then move onto the truly exciting part! We’re ready to make a start on your kitchen.

kitchen plans turned into reality

4: Cut it out

Working from the plans, our skilled factory team turns your kitchen into a reality. We prefer to use only moisture resistant board and our standard hardware comes from European suppliers. Because each design is unique, every component of your cabinetry is custom made using computerised CNC cutting equipment. All holes are drilled to 100th of a millimetre, ensuring accuracy and alignment.

Kitchen pre-assembly to final assembly

5: Assembling your vision

Once machined, each kitchen moves through Pre-Assembly to Final Assembly. Our technical team take pride in every job they work on, whether it’s a simple kitchenette, a vanity or laundry unit or a kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Nothing leaves our factory until it has been checked to ensure it is of the highest quality, accuracy and finish.

Kitchen assembly by professionals

6: Professional installation.

Quality installation is a hallmark of Hostess Kitchens. We apply the same high standards to installation that we apply to the manufacturing process. If you are renovating an existing kitchen we can also arrange the removal of existing cabinetry along with any required plumbing and electrical work. We know that installing a new kitchen can seem like a daunting and stressful job. Our advanced internal information systems and manufacturing processes ensure that we all aspects of the project run to schedule. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that your new kitchen will be completed when we say it will.