Add value to your home with a kitchen makeover

When you’re considering a kitchen makeover, there are two main ways that it adds value to your home. One way is by adding monetary value, which is beneficial if you sell the home. The other is by increasing its appeal to you the current owners and to potential future owners. Whether you’re giving your kitchen a slight face-lift, renovation, full remodel or starting from scratch with a new build, multiple design elements increase the value and appeal of your home.


For any kitchen makeover, it’s important to keep the design of it in line with the rest of your home. It’s the heart of your home but going overboard on a remodel is unwise if the new setup clashes with the overall style of the home. When a kitchen makeover of your dreams dwarfs the rest of the home and is of a style and quality vastly different from other rooms, it feels out of place and awkward. Maintain the flow and feel of your home’s interior and keep a sensible perspective when beginning a kitchen makeover and a contractor can help you incorporate everything you want.

kitchen makeover black tilesCabinet material and arrangement:
Starting with your “wish list” is ideal if you’re uncertain where to begin with a kitchen makeover. Your kitchen designer can help interpret your requirements into a layout that best suits your situation. Undergoing a kitchen makeover is the perfect time to think about better organisation, storage and ease of use. The range of today’s materials is greater than ever.


Choose materials that best fits your style and budget and explore how customisable they are to insure they fit all your requirements. Soft-close doors and drawers, roll out shelves, spice and condiment trays and corner storage units are just a few of the new features available for your ultimate kitchen makeover.


Durability underfoot:
For your kitchen makeover, you need floors that suit the look of the room, appeal to your personal tastes and are durable. The kitchen is a high-traffic area, subject to spills and assault by dropped objects. Hardwood flooring, linoleum and laminate are the traditional choices. High-end options include stone and tile. Any flooring you choose needs to be water-resistant and easy to clean. If you like the look of hardwood but not the maintenance, there are varieties of laminate that imitate the appearance of hardwood so well, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference.


Right work surface:
In today’s kitchens, countertops are one of the largest areas that draw the eye. Granite and manufactured stone are both durable and beautiful. Acrylic composites offer a benchtop that is seamless and completely non-porous and modern Laminates still offer the best bang for your buck. Professional, experienced input on countertop material selection guarantees your kitchen makeover has a polished appearance and quality installation helps it last, through whatever trials you put it through.


Layout and lighting:
Regardless of what flooring, countertops and cabinets you choose, your kitchen needs to have the right flow for food prep, work and foot traffic and the best lighting to illuminate various tasks. Even a small space feels larger with an expertly-designed layout and layers of light that add depth and character to the room. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for food prep, pendant lights over an island create a welcome feel and sconces on the wall add that last layer of warmth any time of day.


A kitchen makeover created around how you cook, clean and use the room adds personal value, while convenience updates add monetary value to the home. Begin your kitchen makeover today with Hostess Kitchens.


kitchen makeover in a modern white home