Hostess – at the forefront of kitchen design

At Hostess Kitchens we strive to keep at the forefront of kitchen design and technology. So we are very excited to be one of a very select, small group of kitchen manufacturers in New Zealand to have access to an incredible new product.

We are pleased to announce that the revolutionary new ArciTech drawer system is now available as an optional extra on all of our kitchen designs. Featuring an incredibly smooth action and unsurpassed stability, these are the latest innovation from German manufacturer Hettich.

These represent the ultimate in drawer system technology with superior smoothness, strength and load carrying capacity. Whether wide and high drawers or heavy front-panel materials, the Arcitech drawer system is guaranteed to provide a feel of luxury that’s second to none.

Smooth, quiet running action is a key quality feature in a drawer, with the Actro runner giving you quality you can actually feel. The runner’s unique prism principle ensures a perfectly co-ordinated movement cycle that is whisper quiet, perfectly smooth and even. You need to experience the quality of these drawers for yourself – they are without equal.


Works perfectly with any kitchen design

ArciTech’s sleek design is a timeless classic which we can make work perfectly with any kitchen design and home environment. The product line-up includes matching materials and colour-coordinated components that enable consistency of design and flexibility of installation.

This makes it easy to meet personal preferences and respond to changing design trends.

ArciTech provides a superior connection between drawer front, side profile and rear panel. Spring elements give the rear panel an extremely firm hold with no room for play. With only the highest quality materials being used, the front connectors have no problem taking large front panels and heavy weights with minimal sag. Runners are available to handle up to a massive 80kg.

diagram showing arcitech runners carrying up to 80kg

The Arcitech drawer system can carry up to 80kg of weight.


Great kitchen design is at the heart of everything we do, so ask us about having the ArciTech system included in your new kitchen.