Are you struggling for kitchen design ideas?

The kitchen is rightly described as the heart of a home. It is a place where family meals are prepared and then the family sits down together to enjoy the wholesome meal and share news about their day.

This makes the kitchen one of the most important rooms in the house and that is why it should be designed with love and care. The idea should be to create a functional kitchen that still portrays your taste and personality to the T.

If you are struggling for unique kitchen design ideas, some of the following designs will get your creative juices flowing.



french kitchen design ideasAfter all, the French are connoisseurs of good cooking and food, so why not opt for a French kitchen. A French kitchen can look classy and elegant, but still retain its homely and inviting ambience.

Opting for flagstone or terra cotta flooring along with beautiful lacy curtains with floral patterns and designs will complete the chic look. Now all you have to do is get the right cabinets and kitchen appliances to complete the chic French country look!



There is no dearth of innovative kitchen design ideas, but a rustic country kitchen can add character and depth to the overall design of your home. This kitchen design is best suited for a cottage or rugged looking home.

Usually, people opt for a rustic country style, but you do not have to be bogged down by the latest trends. Instead, let your imagination run wild and think how you would re-do your existing kitchen décor to give it a rustic feel. And voila! You have the ideal country kitchen in the neighbourhood.

Browns and greens are popular shades for a rustic country kitchen, so choose your cabinets and counter top materials accordingly. Also, ensure the wall colour complements the furniture in the kitchen.



The way kitchen appliances and gadgets are continually improving it makes sense to opt for kitchen design ideas that give your kitchen a contemporary flair and panache. This is where you go in for vibrant and colourful cabinets in shades of red, green or yellow.

contemporary kitchen design ideasImagine how these beautiful cabinets will stand out if you paint the walls white and decorate them with framed artwork. Furthermore, if space allows, get a stylish dining table and chairs where the family can sit and enjoy breakfast every morning.

Compliment the overall décor with some strategically placed lighting, though more emphasis should be on natural lighting. If you do not have kids, just go into for glass counter top to complete the modern, stylish and chic look.

There are many kitchen design ideas, but nowhere in the rule book is it written that you need to follow them to the T. Allow your personal tastes and personality to come out when you are designing or redoing your kitchen.

The key is choosing the right cabinets to ensure you have ample storage space that is easy and convenient to access. Accessorise the kitchen with art, pottery, table runners, herb pots growing on the window sill and colourful curtains to give the room a warm and inviting look and feel.

Remember, when looking through different kitchen design ideas, the kitchen work triangle should be taken into account. This is the imaginary triangle that forms between your stove, refrigerator and sink.

The access to these places should be obstacle-free and seamless. If you are not comfortable with picking out kitchen design ideas, opt for a reputable local kitchen design company to help you choose the right-design to suit your taste and budget.